Quickly turn your spare cash into profit

Gone are the days when stocks and investments were the domain of the privileged and knowledgeable.
Digital options bring the trading floor into your front room – and the profits to your pockets.


10Trade is one of the most exciting and latest binary options platforms in the business. Introduced in 2014, 10Trade has already secured a stronghold in the binary options markets. Regulated by CySEC, it is one of the most secure and trusted means of trading on the internet. The greatest bit – the company offers up to 81% payouts!


  • 150+ Assets including Forex Currency Pairs, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
  • Up to 81% Payouts
  • 60 Second Binary Options
  • Ladder Trading Options
  • Custom Risk Management with Option Builder
  • OneTouch weekend trading with up to 750% returns
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Market Updates
  • Platform available in 11 different languages

BOSS Capital

BOSS Capital is one of the latest binary option platforms, but it has already got a professional name in the business. BOSS Capital offers countless benefits when becoming a member of the platform, like its informative Trading Academy. BOSS Capital also benefits from fantastic payouts and one of the best in the binary options market, as they offer up to 85% payouts!


  • 100+ Assets including Currencies, Indices, Commodities and Stocks
  • 85% profit on short term trades
  • Top of the line Trading Academy
  • Free eBook, live webinars and video tutorials
  • Unique trading methods – Touch/No Touch and Boundary
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Exclusive bonuses upon sign up
  • Impressive conversions


TradeRush is the quickest developing binary options platform on the web. Established in 2011, TradeRush has instantly impacted the binary network using their clever “60 Second Option”. TradeRush customers can expect a 75% return on investments any time of day on well picked currency pairs. The greatest part — your options expire after 60 seconds!


  • 120+ Assets including Forex Currency Pairs, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
  • Large Deposit & redeposit Bonuses
  • 60 Second Binary Options
  • Unique OptionPro charting
  • Custom Risk Management with Option Builder
  • OneTouch weekend trading with up to 750% returns
  • Lowest Lockout Periods
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Market Updates

Magnum Options

Magnum Options is one of the greatest cutting edge platforms currently available in the binary options industry. Magnum Options provide up to 81% payouts, one of the greatest in the business. Magnum Options potential traders can make the most of trading across 200 different indices, stocks, currencies and commodities.


  • Up to 81% payouts
  • 6 trading types, including Ladder Options
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • Free eBook upon sign up
  • Daily and weekly market updates
  • High and constant conversions
  • Up to 100% sign up bonuses
  • Fresh interface

Discover how you can make serious money with binary options

Binary options (a.k.a. digital options) are the new way to trade that’s open to everyone, with no need for a personal broker, large investment fund or financial services background. All you need is an internet connection and the desire to earn some low-risk profit.

Thanks to a fixed-odds system, it’s easy to predict how much you can earn, as well as hedge against potential losses.

What are binary options?

Also known as Fixed Return Options (FRO), binary options are quite new to the scene, having been made available for the first time in 2008. Unlike many other kinds of trading, it’s dead simple to understand – meaning you can start making a profit immediately.

  • Simply predict whether a stock value will rise or fall
  • Option durations as short as 15 minutes
  • A single pip in the right direction means you win
  • Enjoy up to 85% profit on a single trade

It’s a very low-risk way to trade because the asset on which you take an option is never purchased. If your chosen asset goes through the roof – or through the floor – the profit or loss you stand to make is pre-determined, so you’ll never get a nasty surprise.

Just a predictable, instant way to make a healthy profit.

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With average profits up to 85% per trade, you can quickly start to accumulate wealth.

Are binary options a form of gambling?

No. Digital options trading assumes some level of market knowledge. The more knowledgeable you are, the higher your profits will be, which is why the system is so popular. Of course you could start trading with no market knowledge, and treat FROs as a kind of casino, but you’d be missing the point entirely.

Why are binary options becoming so popular?

For the new, inexperienced or more casual trader, binary options are becoming the only way to trade, and their popularity isn’t hard to understand when you take a quick look at the benefits compared to other kinds of trading:


with no specialist knowledge required, anyone with an internet connection and a healthy interest can start trading immediately

Low risk

because the rate of profit or loss is known before you take the trade, you’ll never be hit with any nasty surprises

High yield

typical profit on a single trade is around 85%

Short-term investment

contracts on digital options are being issued all the time by different exchanges worldwide, meaning you can trade when it suits you on options as short as 10 minutes

Small investment options

binary options can be traded in amounts as low as $10, making them perfect for the first-time or casual trader as well as more experienced traders

Immunity to market volatility

it doesn’t matter how far a stock falls or rises, your return remains the same

How does it work?

It’s really easy. Once you’ve chosen your trading platform, all you need to do is:

  • Choose an option or stock that appeals to you
  • Decide whether the stock will rise or fall within a given time period. We call this to “Call” or “Put” an option
  • Wait for the expiration time
  • Claim your profit

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. This is a legitimate trading system used by professional and enthusiast traders all over the world.

They’re just people like you, earning serious money on a daily basis.

Your journey to greater wealth starts here